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NOA's mission

NOA’s mission is to partner with our clients to support the full continuum of care through innovation, performance and clinical excellence in diagnostic services, leading to high-quality outcomes and reduced re-admissions.

quality &

Quality is an underlying trait of NOA Diagnostics that touches all aspects of our workforce and clients. The quality of our people and excellence of our operations leads to distinctive, accurate outputs for our clients.


The success of NOA's systems is largely dependent upon the partnerships we forge.

The success of NOA’s systems is largely dependent upon the partnerships we forge. NOA Diagnostics understands the challenges facing today’s senior healthcare community. NOA services all clients in the Long-Term Healthcare space: Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Facilities, Home Care, Hospice and also referring physician practices.

We are committed to providing the most advanced technology and services available for our partners in healthcare.  NOA’s focus is on the ever-changing needs of our clients, including lowering re-hospitalization rates by providing the fastest, most clinically accurate patient reports directly into our clients’ EMR platforms and assisting our clients in understanding how diagnostic services can be used to identify and enhance plans of care in order to avoid ‘downstream’ negative issues.

NOA’s value proposition is in direct alignment with SNFs’ interests:

Innovation & technology

By utilizing the latest cloud-based services, in addition to the newest digital equipment, NOA is able to provide the best turnaround times in the industry. Real-time online access to medical reports and images are available on electronic devices, as well as via EMR integrations.

Online Portal

NOA’s Online Portal provides access to clients, physicians, APRNs and radiologists to manage end-to-end processes. NOA’s portal allows the healthcare provider to:

  • Order online;
  • Have access to past patient reports;
  • View patient results and images in real time: and
  • Allows off-site physicians a secure login to view images and reports.

EMR Integration

We are integrated with the nation’s largest providers, as well as a number of regional platforms. Please ask us about your current EMR/EHR solution.


NOA utilizes the most current, technologically advanced equipment to improve patient service and facilitate workflows. NOA’s next generation equipment:

  • Maximizes patient comfort;
  • Enhanced image quality;
  • Minimizes exam duration, for maximum patient convenience; and
  • Faster results with digital web-portal migration.

GPS Tracking

The NOA fleet of vehicles are enabled with GPS and Fleet Management software, enabling real-time tracking of technologists, improving on-site turnaround times.

Ability to reroute and modify dispatch instructions in real time through GPS leads to greater efficiency when responding to our clients’ needs.